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Gulistan of Sa`di
Iran, Shiraz

Niveau : Pièce  / Cote : AKM00265

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  • c. 1597

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H x W x D (cm) : 26.4 x 16.7 x 2.8
Text H x W (cm) : 13.3 x 7.7

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Codex of iii+134+ii paper folios (26.4 x 16.2cm) with 4 mid 17thC paintings and leather binding.
Manuscript of the Gulistan ("Rose Garden") of Musharrif al-Din Sa`di (d.1292), copied by Ruzbeh al-Haras in Shiraz, dated 1006H (1597-98).
Folios: 11 lines nasta`liq (13.3x7.7cm) in black with highlighted words in blue, on gold-flecked folio within apricot frame with gold or green floral scroll, and successive ruled borders (16.1x10.5cm) of green, gold, orange or blue. Occasional verses are ruled with orange/gold borders, and triangle of three orange/blue dots marks between sentences.
Binding: dark brown leather with stamped medallions and cornerpieces, gold-painted floral decoration, brown marbled paper doublure.
Fol.1v: illuminated unwan with uninscribed gold text-cartouche + nasta`liq text reserved against gold ground with orange and blue floral sprays
Fol.44r: the pious man dreams of the Shah in Heaven and the Saint in Hell.
Above, two young men sit on thrones and are attended by houris in a heavenly garden, while in the fires of hell below, a demon oversees the tortures: a man is attacked by a snake, another is force-fed.
Fol.65v: Hatim Ta'i's tale of the briar-picker.
In an open pavilion with garden beyond, Hatim Ta'i sits on a throne surrounded by six guests.
Fol.82v: The master and his beautiful slave.
In a palace room, a man sits on a rug, with eight guests seated on the patterned floor around him. Young servants watch through the doorways on either side, and a pomegranate tree outside is framed by the window.
Fol.108r: thieves attack the boastful bodyguard.
In a rocky landscape, a man stands over the fallen bodyguard raising his sword. Three other faces watch from the horizon, and below, another thief follows a hapless traveller.

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Older reference: Ms07,Ms07fol44r,Ms07fol82

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    pièce : Gulistan of Sa`di Iran, Shiraz Safavid (Réf : AKM00265)

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