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Tazkira of Shaykh Safi al-Din of Ardabil (Iran, Shiraz, Safavid)

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Codex of 509 paper folios (35.2 x 22cm) with 14 paintings and leather binding.

35.2 x 22 x 8 cm

H x W x D (cm) : 35.4 x 22 x 7.5

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Manuscript of the Tazkira ("biographical accounts") of Shaykh Safi al-Din (d.1334), Sufi saint and founder of the Safavid dynasty, dated Sha'ban 990H (August-September 1582), Shiraz. In Persian with Arabic prayers on frontispiece and final folios.
Folios: 16 lines nasta`liq (21.9x11.8cm) in black with highlighted words in red, gold, blue or orange upon gold-flecked page within ruled green, orange, blue, gold and red frame (23.5x13.3cm).
Binding: brown leather with gold-painted central panel and medallion with stamped cloud-bands, with border of lobed cartouches with stamped cloud-bands, doublures with gold-painted paper filigree work upon cartouches of blue, green, orange and gold.
Fols.1v-2r: double frontispiece: gold lobed central medallion inscribed in white nasta`liq, within illuminated panel of light green, pink and yellow cloud-bands, gold spiral floral scrolls, green half-palmettes upon blue and gold, with fully-illuminated margins
Fol.76v: Shaykh Zahid Quds and the sceptic's Dragon of the Mind. 
A large blue dragon clambers across a room after the sceptical man, who falls out through the doorway in panic, where he is surrounded by friends in the courtyard. Shaykh Zahid and two disciples stand within the house, watching the scene.
Fol.85r: Battle between the forces of the Il-Khanid prince Arghun and his uncle Ahmad. 
Arghun's horsemen pursue Ahmad and his army across a purple landscape.
Fol.115v: Muhammad and `Ali ascend into Heaven. 
Both veiled and haloed, the Prophet Muhammad and `Ali ride towards heaven, on Buraq and a camel respectively, followed by Shaykh Zahid and Shaykh Safi. Angels pour flames over them, and Gabriel leads the way. Below, sinners are lead downwards by black demons wearing snakes.
Fol.136r: Khwaja Amin al-Din's tale of the caravan miraculously saved from brigands by Shaykh Safi. 
A band of thieves launches a violent attack on a group of travellers, grabbing their baggage. Most of the thieves wear masks.
Fol.159v: Shaykh Safi's dream of the candles in the desert, foretelling the Chubanid rise to power. 
The Shaykh sleeps in a beautiful garden (below), while in his dream he walks in a purple desert (above), snuffing out tall white candles placed in gold candlesticks.
Fol.243v: addressing his disciples, the Sufi master likens love for God to the fire in a Zoroastrian temple.
The Shaykh sits in a room addressing ten disciples around him, while three more listen from the courtyard on right.
Fol.268v: Shaykh Safi's favourite horse attacks his new mount received in Hashtur. 
Surrounded by twelve men mostly discoursing in pairs, Shaykh Safi rides on a dappled blue horse, and turns to see his favourite horse jealously biting at his new mount.
Fol.280r: Shaykh Safi dances at the esoteric words of Sufi Shamsa al-Din Tuti.
In the assembly-room of a khanaqa (Sufi monastery), Shaykh Safi dances in ecstasy, watched by musicians, men and veiled women around the hall. Other Sufis join in the dance.
Fol.318r: the three Sufis dine with Shaykh Safi, each receiving his best-wished meal
Shaykh Safi sits in a beautiful dining-room with three guests seated opposite him, and seven more in the foreground. Tray of food are laid out for everyone, and young servants bring yet more.
Fol.326v: Shaykh Safi tells his disciples to accept honey from the villagers but not meat.
In a mountainous landscape of trees, Shaykh Safi sits opposite two disciples, with three plates of honey laid between them. A villager brings a platter of roast meat from the right, and four bystanders watch.
Fol.346r: The assassins freeze as they try to kill Shaykh Safi
In a palace courtyard, two archers find that their hands have frozen as they aim their bows at Shaykh Safi, who walks towards the garden. Onlookers stand about the courtyard.
Fol.373r: Maulana Sham's al-Din's tale of the hungry dervish
At an upper level, Hamza Nasr Abadi sits with others in a dining-room, while in the crowded courtyard below, Shaykh Safi brings a covered tray of food to a dervish, on the instructions of Shams al-Din.
Fol.448r: Khwaja Mustafa's tale of the storm calmed by Shaykh Safi's grace
In a dark silver sea of fish, a black sailing-boat is filled with sailors and passengers, including four women in the stern. Khwaja Mustafa sits by the mast, lifting his arms in prayer.
Fol.486v: a thief steals a horse while the three Sufis are in prayer, but shortly returns it.
In a green forest, Shaykhs Safi, Afzal and Zahid bow in prayer in the foreground, while a thief exits with their horse in the background.
Fol.509r: colophon. Two Ottoman seals.

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