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What is a Tag? How can it be added?

To add a comment or a Tag on notices is to give new information on the whole document or a part of it. For example, details on an image linked to a document.

First, you have to sign in on line with your personal username and password.

If you have not yet registered on E-corpus, the process is fast, easy and free. You need to click on “Open a new account” on the top right corner of the website and write down your personal information. These data will, under no circumstances, be shared with others and will only be used for the creation of the profile.

The username is your mail address and the password will be automatically be sent by mail after registration.

How to post a comment on a notice?

You have to get to the document notice for which you want to share information and click on “add information” in the Tags bar. A small window will then appear and you will be able to insert your text and choose to which category it belongs to (comment on the location for instance).

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